Change Your Perceptions of Poland

Forget all the stereotypes that bounce around in your head when you think of Poland. The new Poland is thriving and young and modern. The intent of this blog is to excite you to travel to some of the most beautiful Polish cities.

Pijarska street, Kraków 2018

Today, many folks still think that traveling to Poland is to travel back into cities oppressed by the dark grey time of the communist era. The time of empty store shelves, gray thick toilet paper, lack of infrastructure and modern goods. Those times have long past. The veil of repression and regression was lifted at the end of the 1990’s and, with the start of the millennium, Poland has been speeding forward to become one of the prime travel destinations in the EU.

Impressions of Poland are also mixed with the stark, painful history of WWII. Poland’s history is complicated and sometimes misunderstood. But in this modern era, tunnel vision is out of fashion. Bend those preconceptions and observe the changes. Whatever the politics, the streets of the cities are ruled by young folk eager to be a part of this modern century and all the exciting advantages that modernity brings.

The music, the cuisine, the arts and the personality of today’s modern Poland is reflected not only in its beautiful cities replete with stunning architecture and cultural events but also in the beautiful landscapes found on the byways and highways of the countryside. You will be surprised to find that Poland is a beautiful, sophisticated and thriving country with a deep and abiding history.

So lose the stereotypes.  We hope you enjoy our photographs and stories.  Explore Poland with us.  And you will never again ask an American who chooses to live in Poland, “Why Poland?”.

Sinfonietta Krakowska. Concert in Sukiennce Gallery in 2017.


“Why Poland?” is a blog written and produced by Grace Nagiecka with photos by Gregory Spring.  Kraków, Poland 2018. 

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